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Thread: Cameras for Riders

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    Canon S90

    I just got a Canon S90. It's pocket camera size but has all the functions associated with an SLR. f2.0 28-105 equivalent lens in a tiny package.

    Google it, it's getting absolutely rave reviews everywhere.

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    I've been using a variety of basic P&S cameras for quite a while moving up from film to a number of digital units to the most current which is a Pentax W30. Its a great pocket camera for the bike since its rugged and dust and waterproof.

    I had a 35mm slr a looooong time ago and went away from it as it was too bulky and complex for general travel use. Recently though, I have again wanted to have a decent camera that would give me a higher quality photo, but I wasn't really looking for the size and bulk of a full DSLR. I did want a digital with a larger sensor than the typical P&S cameras and that led me to very few options. I also wanted a viewfinder to break the dependency on using the screen when light conditions were not optimnal for viewing such as bright sunlihgt. After lots or research and reading many reviews I narrowed the field down to the Panasonic G2. At first I was looking at the Canon G11, but the limited zoom on it was what pushed me to the Micro Four Thirds format cameras. Of the lfew of those that are currently available, the G2 seemed to have the best reviews and had all the features I wanted. Its a bit bulkier than I had originally been seeking, but the versatility of the interchangeable lenses like a full sized DSLR and much of the features swayed my decision. Its not quite as good a sensor as the DSLRs being a bit smaller, but its way above any P&S and should be more than adequate for me.

    I stopped on my way home from work tonight and bought the G2, now I'm searching photography sites and such to learn all the stuff I've long forgotten on how to use all these settings and funtions. I'm looking forward to being able to finally enjoy and share some quality photos.
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    I will be hauling a D90, (like nyfty!) this weekend to the Dells. It is definitely not a slam and play pocket camera but man does it take nice photos.
    However it is a freakin' albatross around your neck.

    I want to upgrade my slam and play but not in the cards right now. There are a couple nice pocket cams that come to mind that are pushing the tech envelope.

    This site does a good job of in depth analysis, you might want to check it out.

    After the weekend I'll post a couple pics from da Dells (and you all can yell at me "too big!") and a link to the rest. Jim Klas (Santa/Beerteam) gets outstanding pics from his "slam and play", hunt the forum for his stuff you'll see what I mean.

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