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Thread: Vendors in Redmond

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    Vendors in Redmond

    Many of you would like to know ASAP if a particular vendor is going to be in Redmond.

    Vendors register much as our members do, over an extended period of time. It would be a disservice to publish a partial list and possibly have our membership make decisions assuming a vendor will not be available simply because they have not yet registered. It would also create an endless list of questions. i.e. I don't see _______ does that mean they aren't coming?

    I suggest until the list is published, if you are considering making a purchase from a particular vendor, contact the vendor directly and ask them if they are attending.

    BMW Motorrad IS attending. That committment was made far in advance of the norm
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    Maxmoto is coming for Remus. They will be doing a special of installing the purchased exhaust for free and shipping the old exhaust to your home. If you order one now, they will waive the shipping charges. I just did

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