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Thread: Mirror mount repair

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    Mirror mount repair

    Can anyone inform me as to the correct repair to make to the mount for a mirror on a 1967 R27? The mirror goes into the hole on the handlebar switch assembly, but the threads are too worn to hold it. It appears to be 8mm, but the threading is smaller than that of a 8mm x .125 helicoil kit that I have. I got the bike last fall, and was given the mirror along with other parts and I assume it is the original mirror for the bike. Thanks for any assistance.

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    Find out what the thread is on the mirror stem, and get a thread repair insert of the correct size.

    If there are none available, the alternative might be to have an insert made or replace the mirror with one that looks the same, but has a more standard thread on the stem.
    Or you could just order a replacement switch assembly. I think those are available from places like Blue Moon.

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    CycleWorks has what you need (assuming the R27 is similar to the /2). Click here to see search results for "mirror repair" on the web site.

    The tap for a /2 will cost you $18.

    The /2 threaded mirror insert will cost you $13.

    I did this repair to my R69S. Works great.

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    Thanks for the info. I will be contacting them.

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