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Thread: A good ride with a Criminal Designer!

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    A good ride with a Criminal Designer!

    Well, ol Criminal Design came blowing into town Saturday evening, on his way from W.Virginia to the Oklahoma panhandle. After several calls to the control tower for landing instructions he pulled in the drive.
    A great meal was prepaired by Emmanuelle, Dad brought over a good bottle of vino, and talk went late into the night....mostly swappin motorcycle stories!

    Sunday morning after Dad came back from church, we jumped onto the scooters and headed to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, taking the backways through the hills of the Ozarks. We rode around town some, mixed it up with all the H-D's and of course had to take him to the top of the hill to visit the Cresent Hotel.

    Then we took off down the Pigs Trail (23 south out of Eureka), soon we headed east, and it was time for Dad & I to head back North, and for Criminal to head on east to his brothers.....

    We all had a great time, good company, and a great ride...and another good friend found in the midst !

    He's got some pretty good pics on his camera which he can add as time allows....

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    Glad you all could meet and enjoy each others company!

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    It was an honor Ken. Thanks again. h

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