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Thread: Visor Down Article - Great Read

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    Visor Down Article - Great Read

    Ben Cope is editor of Visor Down. The April Issue has his journal of riding the S1000RR from London to Gibraltar in January. It's exactly what you want to know about riding this bike. And it's very entertaining. Here are a few excerpts that may give you the tone of the article.

    "Riding the S1000RR home in the dark with snow coming at me head on, I'm in that constant state of being on a theme park ride when you drop into darkness."

    "On the Peripherique I stick the S100RR into SPORT mode, the first time out of the RAIN mode and the throttle response is completely different, the bike comes alive..."

    "First time I get the S1000RR on twisty roads... I stick it into SPORT mode and get stuck in before I completely square the tires off, it's properly lively."

    "I'm doing well for time. I don't have massive amount of miles to do, about 300 to Valencia. I treat myself to a fresh pair of boxer shorts. I've been wearing the others for four days. I've taken three T-Shirts and a polo shirt with me. I've been wearing all 3 T-Shirts every day just rotating them around. They all stink. I stink. Still no one to impress. Valencia comes up fast. I get there by about 4 pm. I come off the motorway a junction early and head through an industrial estate."

    The journal is low on technical info but an intensely personal, subjective impression of the bike in a rushed, hauling-ass style - just like you would maximally enjoy if you were a twenty-something, hare-brained, adrenaline-junky.

    I think I need one of these S1000R's, but I think I'll steer clear of Western Europe in the winter time. I really enjoyed this article even though some of Ben's jargon leaves me scratching my head?? Check it out.


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    Link??? Please...

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    Link Please?

    Sorry; I reported excerpts from the hard copy of Visor Down magazine. That's the April issue. I don't have a digital subscription.

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