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Thread: very jerky k1200

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    Question very jerky k1200

    my 06 k1200gt is impossible to ride in first or second gear between 2 &3000 rpm.It jerks so hard I keep bumping helmets with my passenger. I can also hear the gears banging in the rear diff. Any body have an idea what is causing this.My dealer is 450 miles away. Thanks

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    K1200R, S and Sport had air box recall. I had similar issue with ine, air box exchange and new software update took care of it.

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    I also have an 06 K12GT. I'll second on making sure the airbox replacement and latest computer flash has been done. Yes, it's still very torquey in low gear, but I've learned to just put it one gear higher than you need at low speed. That will eliminate a lot of jerky-ness and there is still plenty of power to accelerate when needed. Once I wasn't paying attention while stopped and still had it in 3rd gear. When I started back out and it did fine without a whole lot of clutch slipping. So there's gobs of power still available at low rpms.

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    Short gearing

    Don't know why but the newer K's are geared very low I get around it by short shifting to 3d as soon as the bike gets moving. There's more than enough grunt to pull a gear taller than you would on a an "R" bike for example. If however there is jerkiness even the in higher gears then it's more than possible that you are dealing with a fueling issue.

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