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    Exclamation K1200S fuel gauge

    Hello All,

    Yesterday the fuel gauge on my K1200S ('05 bike, 06 instrument cluster) stopped indicating the fuel level. The 'low fuel' warning light came on, but the gauge showed zero fuel. Restarting did not solve the problem.

    Has anyone had a similar experience? Is this a problem with the sending unit in the tank? If so, is it a DIY item?



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    Yes - known issue

    Recommend a search as the fuel strip going bad on the 05 is a well documented issue. Look for CJack's comments specifically.
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    Thanks! I searched before posting using a variety of terms, but 'fuel strip' wasn't one of them. Guess it's time to make a trip to the dealer.


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    Over $300 to repair, replaced one and bought a tank off a wrecked bike the second time as it was cheaper. I wont fix it again. BMW needs to step up and fix the crap they put out to comsumers. I love the bike compared to my older K1200RS, but I didn't have any issues with that one.

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    I've had my 2005 k1200s for 8 days now; I love it, but the second day out I got the yellow flashing triangle and a near empty register of the quantity of fuel. I went to fill up, but the tank only took 1.5 gallons, so I figured the sender was defective. A few days later, on the way to work, bike died. Fuel guage said half a tank, so I thought it was something else. Opened the fuek tank door and...bone dry!

    I have the same problem with my VW r32; wildly inaccurate fuel readings.

    Why is it so hard to get this right??

    (Fortunately, I bought the extended warranty when I bought the bike, so it should be covered...Dealership didn't really want to talk to me when I called them about it!?)

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    There is a issue on these bikes, see if you can find anything on

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    I have the same problem with my 05. I was run out the gas on the side of the highway when the gauge indicated it was half full. I did some research on and it appeared to be a common problem. The part is cheap, but the labor will be the killer.
    I just watch out for the millage for now.

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    Covered under warranty

    My 2005 k12s had the fuel problem fixed under warranty. First bikes out had the problem. Check with the dealer to see if there was any recall notice on this item. Currently have the 2008 version of the bike and no problems noted

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    Our two K12S's--- go 198 miles with average 70MPH limits in TX....add gas real soon!

    The fuel strip is not just a K series nor an early model 09 GSA lost one as well.
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