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Thread: Waving at Scooters

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    I have a Vespa GT200 and an '04 RT and I wave to both varieties. On the scooter, about half the time I get a return wave (doesn't matter whether it is a MC or another scooter). On the bike, almost all MC's return the wave, and about half the scoots.

    Agreed, most scooterists don't know the protocol.

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    I gave up waving at scooters in town; I usually just got a strange look from the rider if they noticed me at all. Out in the country it is a different story and I usually get a wave back. Different agendas I guess.

    Of course here in the rural South, folks just wave anyway. Riding, sitting on a porch, out in the field or getting the mail, if you wave they wave back. It's only polite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MLS2GO View Post
    2 wheels, motor I wave. It keeps things simple.
    Same here I just don't wave at Harley's... ................

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    ride what you've got; enjoy the ride!

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    I wave at scooters, little kids on tricycles, return waves to cagers and just about anyone else. The only people I don't wave at are unicyclists. I am just too much in awe to risk taking a hand off the bars.
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