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Thread: Brand vs Price

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    Brand vs Price

    Has anyone had "Shinko" tires installed on their bike? If so, what's your experience so far and would you buy them again?

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    Tires are the only thing connecting your bike and you to the rest of the world. That is the last place I would go cheap. I have no personal experience with Shinko, but would be very wary of a brand that's greatest claim to fame is economy.

    A good place to begin is by an online search for motorcycle tire comparisons or tests. Recommendations from other riders are great too. (I understand that's what you looking for here.)

    Over the past couple of years I've had outstanding positive experience with Avon. Never had anything to do with them until I read some very positive reviews and found they were priced better than the Metzelers and Michelins I usually ran.

    Avon has become my brand of choice based on the Distanzias and Roadriders. I've heard very good things about the Storms and Azaros as well.

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    A year ago there was quite a bit of enthusiasm on the BMWST forum for the Shinko "Raven" tires. They were supposed to be decently made, performed OK, and were cheap. But I don't recall any reviews of their long term performance.

    As I understand it, Shinkos are made from what's left of Yokohama Tire's motorcycle division, but in Korea instead of in Japan - can't tell whether that's really a plus or a minus - but Yokohama still makes good tires for cars and trucks.

    Personally, I've settled on the Michelin PR2's. I have the shop mount/bal. them ($$) so I'm inclined to go with the tried and true rather than experiment with other brands.

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    they all have to meet a minimum safety standard. that being said, safety does not = comfort or great sometimes.

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