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Thread: Techmount GPS Mount for 08 R1200GSA

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    Techmount GPS Mount for 08 R1200GSA

    I'm sure this has been asked before, what hasn't really, so I'll apologize in advance to all of you who fret over these duplicative questions.

    I am about to order from their "fairing mount" for my GPS device, a Garmin Zumo 660. The mount is part number 3-21006.

    I like that it will position the GPS device directly in front of me and that being directly behind the windshield will provide some protection from the weather.

    Do any of you have any experience with this particular mount, and if so an opinion, pro or con would be appreciated? Are their issues associated with mounting a GPS device in this location of which I am unaware?

    Your replies would be much appreciated

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    GPS Mount

    I have a 2008 GSA and have my 550 Zumo mounted on the reinforcing bracket on the windshield. The placement is great but is a bit of a reach when setting destinations etc. I am using a BMW mount that I bought from a friend for cheap. Works great, but replaced the safety screw with a bigger top for ease of tightening. Got the screw from Rick Mayer at last years national.
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    I bought the OEM bar and clamp plate for the Navigator. It accomplishes the same thing but blends in and is sturdier.
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