Hi All,

Yesterday i put a deposit on a 2005 K1200s at a dealership in NJ; I am quite excited and just slightly anxious about my decision (I originally was looking for a sport-tourer in the $4k range for fun and some commuting, they were offrering the bike at a great price and they let me drive it, which was a huge factor in deciding to purchase). The K1200s is alot of bike!! It is a beautiful, awesome monster that I am eager to befriend. Holy guacamole it's fast; I've owned a K75s and a GPZ 750 in the past, and they are completely different animals.

I'd like to put a few questions to folks out there who own the bike. There are two things in particular that I did not like about the bike, that I believe can be remedied.
1) Mirrors are not the best.
The thing I remember about my K75s was that during the test drive, we got up to speed and the mirrors did not vibrate at all. I felt supremely confident about what was behind me, far behind me and to either side of me.
The question is, has anyone else experienced this and is there a decent solution. Bar ends? Good after market extenders of some sort?
2) Throttle and clutch are not terribly forgiving. Bike seems to be 'off' or 'on', throttlewise. Some of this is my lack of experience and finesse with the controls, which will improve once getting used to the particulars of the machine. Question is: are there any tricks to making the clutch pedal a bit smoother/ are there alternative software programs that change the injector mapping?? Again, I think most of this is user rather than machine related and I'm on the steep part of the learning curve with this machine.

I'd appreciate any feedback that may help; I am new here (hope I'm in the right forum-My bike is a wedge? well, OK.)
I did try to search the mirror topic, but did not find anything, unless I'm not using it correctly. Thanks in advance.