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Thread: Is there a better way to notify us when we get private messages?

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    Is there a better way to notify us when we get private messages?

    In the past I have missed private messages when logging on because there is no real notification that they exist, other than just below the title script for the page. I suspect that others miss them too, since my messages to others have gone unnoticed for a time as well.

    I post on a few other boards and I get a pop-up when logging on if I have a private message.

    Does anyone else see an advantage to this? Any reason not to do it? Is it even possible with vBulletin?

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    You can always turn on "email notification of private messages" in the CP.
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    Larry, there are a few small adjustments that can be made in your User CP (Control Panel) that can help alert you to new Private Messages.

    When viewing your Control Panel click on the item in the left hand sidebar called "Edit Options".

    Scroll down to the section entitled "Private Messaging" and check the box next to "Show New Private Message Notification Pop-up". You may also want to check your browsers settings or preferences to ensure that you don't have Pop-up windows blocked.

    You can also check the box next to "Receive Email Notification of New Private Messages" and the system will forward a short message to your email address in the event of a new private message.

    Hope this was helpful!

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    For other "neat" features of the User CP section, see the thread at the top of just about any of the forums. One of your hard-working moderators, Semper_Fi, put together an excellent run-through of each of the sections associated with modifying your account, notifications, and joining other groups within the MOA community. Lots of good information is contained there!
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    Thanks guys.

    I'm usually pretty good at fiddling around on the user CP but dropped the ball this time. I didn't even check to see what I could do for myself. Maybe this will help someone else out too.

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