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Thread: Being men of a certain age...

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    I hope all goes well for you! Thanks for bringing this issue up, its good to keep these things in mind, and hopefully discussions like this will lead to more gentlemen getting checked. Ride on Brother!

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    and while we're at it...

    +1 on Moto31's comments re getting MD advice and second opinions.
    +1 on Cranberry juice.
    Let me also suggest a colonoscopy for those of us of either sex with long life experience. Preventative med is precisely that.
    Glad you're on the mend...

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    OK, so after many tests, a colonoscopy, much blood and urine work, psa and potassium is back in the normal range and things are improving after a week of this crazy strong levaquin antibiotic. It seems this was an infection and prostatitus. A hell of a scare but I am feeling alot better. Keep after yourselves guys. OK i need another glass of cranberry juice.

    Stay safe;

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    Quote Originally Posted by r11rs94 View Post
    Yep, since turning 50 I follow these two rules of thumb yearly.
    If that Doctor is using his thumb, he's doing the test wrong!

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