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Thread: 1985 K100RT - Speaker Dash Panel

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    I got a replacement panel from them for my K75RT and the price was reasonable.
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    Radio on the '85 wasn't standard equipment - it was a dealer installed option. The panel the speakers are mounted in had to be cut out by the dealer to install the speakers (that you can't hear - and no one could..)

    An unmolested panel may be rare - but bet there is one out there. A fleamarket ad might turn it up, as might a call to some BMW wrecking yards. Or new if you have the $$$.
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    How about a lower cost and easier solution? I had a 87 K100LT that had 1 speaker and a hole for the other and no radio. I removed the speaker, took some 1/8" thick abs black grained plastic and made speaker covers. They looked great. Wish I had a pic of the dash, but I don't and no longer have the bike.

    Ralph Sims

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