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Thread: Riding South to North in WV

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    On the "strobe" effect. I find it a little annoying but the major problem is that the human eye can't easily pick up small road debris in the shadows under those conditions. A couple times I have caught a 1- 1 1/2" rock with rear tire while in a turn in such conditions.

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    On a side note, I haven't had problems running into fuel in WV. Some of the places may not have pay at pump feature but there's plenty of fuel stops out there.

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    Go to the byways page and look at the Coal heritage Trail Info since you mentioned Beckley

    Also route 41 20 19 and 61. and Make sure to try some of the smaller St routes like 600 613 640 713 or something similar depending on your route. One thing about WV, almost any east-west route is going to be twisty since there are quite a few mountain ranges running thru the state. almost any north-south route will be a more gentle, level road running along some valley, many are fairly small, just a mile or so wide with lots of farms dotting the landscape, old buildings and the occational slow moving farm vehicle that generally make way for you to pass.

    A little fruther west is the New River Gorge Bridge, on Rt. 19, longest single span arch bridge of its kind (in the US and perhaps the world(?) ).

    you can ride down to the bottom and look up at it from the old bridge.

    Plenty of gas stops but not always with High test, esp. in WV on the smaller roads, some only have mid and low grade fuel. Many small town stores have benches out side that just seem to invite you to "set a spell" and have a cold soda and talk it up with the locals, but be warned, the day could pass more quickly than you think if you do!

    Enjoy, almost any road is worth traveling around the Virginia's.


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    Thumbs up WV Twisties

    Bump for a great thread.

    And... Don't forget about WV 16, which will surely test your vertigo tolerance.

    Here is a suggested route from Smithers to St. Marys, WV:

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    Then do route 2 up to Wheeling (or route 7 if you prefer the west side of the river):

    View Larger Map

    Enjoy the ride!

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    Sweet 16

    +1 for Sweet 16! But just pick any N-S route in WVA and you 'll have a good time. Route 16 from Marion, VA or Tazewell, and on up thru West VA is fabulouse. Pick it up anywhere tho. Stop at the New River Gorge Bridge, be sure to take the ride down to the old bridge at the bottom.
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