I had some wonderful breakthroughs on the bike today (I have a headlight! Sort of need one of those to drive across the continent), so, in celebration, here's some history.

I bought the bike from a guy just outside of Booneville, NY (awesome, right?). That should have been the first clue. The next two years were an exercise in caveat emptor.

I drove the bike the eighty miles home after re-installing the Luftmeister faring (had to have turn signals). Halfway there, the right carb started seeping gasoline onto my foot. Ten miles from home, she started surging and coughing and sputtering, and, just as I pulled into my driveway, she died.

Actually, no matter how many problems she's had, she's never left me stranded. So, the "well-taken care of Airhead" in the Craigslist ad (ha, ha), wound up needing a new starter, headlight relay, plugs, plug wires, fluids, filters (oil and air), seals, points, carb rebuilds etc. etc. etc. You guys know of all the trouble I speak.

The difference, for me anyway, is that I had never picked up a wrench before (in anger or otherwise). And, with the exception of the rear main seal/replacing transmission bearings/spline lube, I've done all the work myself.

So, there be some history. Now, if everything works, I need to start getting her ready for the trip. She came with Krausers, but I need a windshield (got rid of the Luftmeister), and new clocks.

I might go with the Acewell, found here: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=527749

Anybody have any experience with National Cycle windshields?