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Thread: Girlfriend wants to get into riding

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullett View Post
    Good Lord, Holly, I can't believe you put in a 500 mile day on a 250 Virago! You must be a Superwoman!
    The exact opposite, Sharon. I have severe osteoporosis and any heavy lifting, like moving around a bigger bike, could cause my vertebrae to crumble. So I ride a small light bike. I just gave that example to show that you can do highways speeds on a 250. It is also very comfortable and once I am riding I have a problem with stopping....

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    I let the girlfriend have a read through of this thread. After a couple of "Why did you say that about me?" moments, she got to the responses. She's grateful for all your advice and she's super excited to get started learning and riding. She's very impressed that there are so many awesome female Beamer riders. She especially loved Voni's near million miles, in comparison to her husbands, haha. Anyway, I think next time she's over, I'll have her post any concerns/questions/fears for you guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newstar View Post
    Listen to the Professor!

    I think the MSF beginners course is definately the way to go. This will not only give her a good safe understanding of the basics but will also help her determine if this sport really is for her.

    I did as Newstar suggested. Before getting my bike I took the class knowing that when finished I could decide if this was for me. Now, there's a chance that your gf won't pass the course. I didn't. My quick stop wasn't quick enough. I had been a passenger for many years and the class was really the first time riding a bike. I went and got my temporary license which allowed me to ride for 1 yr with a licensed rider. That was in July 07. Found my bike in Sept. 07. Rode it a few times in October before putting it in storage for the winter. Started riding again in Spring. Went for my license in June 08 (on a Vespa Scooter) and passed. Been riding solo on my F650 ever since. Riding solo to TN last summer was a huge confidence builder. Now I love being a passenger and riding my own bike.

    She'll do just fine once she decides (after taking the class) if she wants to ride.

    Good Luck!
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    Another couple of ideas:

    After she takes the MSF class, have her buy the "Ride Like a Pro version V" video from It's around $30 and is a great investment. It shows a very petite lady picking up a big police cruiser, instructing others on proper technique.

    The rest of the video is basically follow-up exercises from the MSF. I find it very helpful by watching the DVD, then going out and setting up a small practice course at the local elementary school parking lot. It's a great way to hone skills and build confidence. It also comes with a written exercise guide....great for that moment when you get out to the practice course and say, "what was the distance between those little markers (tennis balls cut in half)?

    Good luck
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