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Thread: Olympia Airglide 3 vs. Bushwhacker 3/4 meshteck

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    On my Olympia air glide hi vis that I love, one side of the back protector is waffled, the other is smooth. They installed it in the smooth towards the body position. I took it out and turned it around. I can occasionally feel air flowing now. I do not think it can affect its performance much, if any.


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    So it looks as if you want a good venting jacket like the airglide, you can't have
    a longer or 3/4 length jacket. Too bad, so sad.

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    I think you'll be fine with the Bushwacker. I had an Airglide last year, and do to a deer strike in November, Progressive was nice enough to cut me a check for all my gear. The Bushwacker is what I replaced the Airglide with, and it is just a 3/4 length Airglide. Same airflow with the liner out.
    Today was the real first wamerish 60 degrees and it flowed real nice!

    Good luck!

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    Olympia vs Bushwhacker

    I have an Olympia Airglide 2 that is very well made. With the liner out its a dry weather, warm weather protective garment. What I dislike intensely about my jacket is the collar. The side opposite the flap has a stiff, abrasive point to it that gouges my neck if the jacket isn't zipped completely and the flap secured -- a very poor piece of design -- incredibly uncomfortable. Perhaps this flaw has been fixed in later versions of the jacket. If not, I'd never buy another one. Another annoying feature of the jacket is the inner liner sleeve holders are poorly designed and allow the sleeves to pull half way up the outer sleeve before ones hands are free of the elastic cuffs. The hook and loop cuff closures on the outer jacket aren't long enough. I'd say you'd be smart to give the Bushwhacker a good look.


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