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Thread: Bike lifts?

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    That's COOL!
    Dave Swider
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    I have a Handy lift - Handyman model which is air operated and targeted for home use (lower $). Simply great. It has a mechanical lock so it will stay elevated when the cylinder is not pressurized. Valve adjustments, oil changes all normal stuff can be done standing up. Put the tools and parts on the platform. Getting the bike on a lift takes some getting used to, I push my RS up but you have to get a decent start and keep the momentum, otherwise it will take you a couple of tries. The emptier the gas tank the better.

    My only gripe at this point is that my car is too low to park over top of it. Debating on whether to "sink" the lift a little bit in the garage floor to fix that.
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    Have the Harbor freight model...on sale around $299, listed at $399
    use it all the time, and as a parking space when nothing is needing tinkered with. My back thanked me ,as have some buddies w/out shop space...also have the roll around Craftsman style stool...a good item by itself!

    hydraulic foot operated:

    they have an air/footpump hydraulic model also:

    I do like the looks of that single sided lift....
    Steve Henson
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    I built a lift about 13 years ago. It has a 24" X 96" steel checker plate top with a slide out opening at the rear to allow tire removal.

    The lift is powered by a 2,000Kg capacity high lift hydraulic floor jack, the maximum lift height is 34 ".

    I love having a bike lift, it's much easier on my back, and I do better work as I can comfortably inspect items that I might otherwise ignore!

    A friend of mine has a lift that appears to be the same as the Habour Freight model posted elsewhere in this thread, and he is happy with it.

    One thing to remeber, is not to lower the lift onto any of your body parts, just ask Diann about that.

    Regards, Rod.

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    Don't let anyone fool you. Handy Lift is the only way to go.Save your back and make it easy on yourself. Talking from experience.

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