Last week I had a terrible thing happen. After riding for years with my K100LT the worst thing happened. I was making a right turn, stopped at the light, put down my feet and there was no ground there. Yep, as you'd expect, I couldn't keep my balance up and the bike laid down on the right side. It wasn't too bad. Some road scratches on the faring, case and a broken windshield where it hit the curb edge. No injuries other than my dignity. When I got up I had the, " what the $(&#$* just happened" thought. When I looked at the road surface I saw I had been the victim of a bad asphalt overlay. The bike tires were stopped on the high part and my right foot was trying to balance on the lower, un-overlayed section. When I put my right foot down I was balanced off center to the right and fell over. NO, I was not drinking. I don't do that!

So, here is my question. How do the "experts" land at a stop. Do you stop with your right or left foot first or both or what? Here is how I do it. I slow by applying the rear brake first, then the front and then downshift until I'm in first. Right before I come to a complete stop I put both feet out and "land" right at the point the bike stops. Since my little mishap I've been watching to see how others stop. Some stop with the left foot down and keep the right on the brake. Others stop similar to how I do. Still others stop with the right foot down and then downshift with their left.

Opinions, suggestions and ideas are all welcomed and appreciated.