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Thread: 2009 Rally sticker

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    2009 Rally sticker

    A few months ago I sold my bags, and with them the 2009 Tenessee Rally sticker. Does anyone have an extra sticker they wouldn't mind sharing with me?

    That was my first rally, and it's really bumming me out for not having this particular sticker. I can Paypal the cost for it.


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    Check with the office. I bet they'll send you one. Let us know if I'm right.
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    Rally Stickers

    My husband sold his bike and bags and also lost all of his stickers and he is bummed about it. I am looking for the stickers starting with WI in 07 I think. . .so I need 07, 08, 09 and 10. I can do paypal as well. I know I tried ordering something from the store right after one of the rallies and they had no mdse and I just looked on the site and they have no stickers at all. If you can help I would really love that! Please send me a personal e-mail to if you can to let me know if you have one. That way I can keep it a surprise!
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