Many of you are probably asking yourself this question - Can I justify more than a week or two away from work or family to head out on two wheels and ride the Pacific Northwest corner of the country to attend the International Rally?
Then you add the thought of five long days on the bike one way (from the New England area) and then repeat that to get home ΤΗτ anytime on the bike is a good time, but this pushes the envelop a bit on the fun factor and just thinking about it makes the bottom hurt a bit!

The obvious solution is to ship the bikes out west!

I have researched the Keyboard Motorcycle Shipping company, URL is The issue with their standard offering is they pick up your bike; it gets shipped to Kentucky then after consolidating bikes going to the same location it heads out. This can take anywhere from four to six weeks. Not a solution I am interested in.

So I called Kelly at Keyboard Motorcycle Shipping to talk options. Here is what we came up with. We get 25 ΤΗτ 32 bikes to be shipped from one or two locations here in New England. Keyboard shipping will pick up the bikes on Monday and Tuesday, July 5th & 6th. Then the truck will drive straight out west. If the bikes were delivered to the Denver area they would be available Friday the 9th. If they are delivered to the Seattle are they would be available Saturday the 10th. These locations dates are tentative.

The cost is
25 ΤΗτ 29 bikes $300 per bike one-way.
30 ΤΗτ 33 bikes $250 per bike one-way.

So here is the plan ΤΗτ 30 of you interested riders (I already have three) email me by June 2nd and commit to having your bike shipped out west. I am asking for a non-refundable deposit paid directly to Keyboard by June 2. This way we can guarantee we get a truck, as they require a minimum of 25 bikes to make this work. Then you fly out to the pickup location and ride the Pacific Northwest. I am organizing this as a one-way trip so you need to plan on riding home or making other arrangements.

More details to follow on the drop off and pickup locations.

If you are interested please email me at and include the following information.
Name, email address, phone number, city and State.