I was at home working on Mom's Eulogy. Kept hearing a big turbo prop going overhead. Looked out the window and saw a Basler DC3 conversion doing a slow pass banked over my house. I'm thinking "Cool. Don't see one of those every day." Ten minutes later it flies over again...then again. It turns out that he was practicing take-offs and landings on the grass runway at Adams Airport.

Our air force and CIA pilots get re-qualified to fly Basler conversions because Columbia and other countries still use them as transports. So I go to the airport with digicam in hand. There's a small contingent of local airplane owners parked with their cars out by the runway as amazed as I am. I get permission from the airport director. "Yeah go ahead. Ride the bike out there just stay off the runway." So I do some dual sporting on a VFR and here she taxis right by me heading to the tarmac where I was when I talked to the airport guy.

They allow me to park my bike next to the plane for a photo. One of the most iconic airplanes of all time with arguably one of the world's most iconic motorcycles.

Not only that I get to hear all kinds of stories and get to walk up inside the thing!

Trust me. The 6000# winch in the floor may seem strange but it's a very long uphill walk to a big taildragger's cockpit. Imagine trying to push cargo up to the front.