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Thread: Tech Sessions in Redmond?

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    Tech Sessions in Redmond?

    Is there a list of technical sessions available for the Redmond gathering? Perhaps I'm jumping the gun a little, and the schedules will be in an upcoming Owners News.

    My particular interest is in 6K/12K maintenance, ideally on a K1200LT.

    See y'all in Redmond!

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    Don't know,but;

    I owned one and did all my own service work to 96000 miles. Sold it to my brother, still going strong. I'll share all I know, if you find me! The valve adjust/check is probably the most time consuming thing to do on the bike. Not that bad, though, just a lot of fairing to dig through. I got a GSA now, to eliminate that fairing thing. See ya in Redmond. Keep a watch for the details in the 'ON. It'll be coming soon. Randy

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