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Thread: Idle thoughts on using an ATM from a motorcycle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hodag View Post
    i'm honing my extreme slow speed riding techniques
    so I don't even stop when I go through one.
    so, would that be an ATM drive by? sounds Gangsta
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    I typically dismount to use tha ATM. Getting the bike in good position + keeping it there + fiddling with wallet + keeping $ from blowing away in the wind + watching surroundings = too much to deal effectively with simultaneously.

    If a cage pulls in behind me, I do push the bike forward as soon as I am done with the ATM, so they can commence their business. The odd looking extra courtesy gets noticed, and is appreciated - good PR for riders.

    But I do keep a close eye on the cage occupants behind me - or anyone else around - right glove doesn't go on until everything is stashed, bike is started, and I am seated.

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