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Thread: Model Question K75 1994 Model

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    Model Question K75 1994 Model

    I recently purchased a 1994 K75. At the local dealer I asked them to run the VIN # to see about any recalls etc. The only notation was for "Speedometer incorrect reading" with a repair order date of 6/15/94. Now on that sheet it lists AG Model Code/Desc as 0571 - K 75 Basis US, the next line shows NA Model Code/Desc as 94VG-. The bike has S bars, belly pan, the small "C" type fairing. Just curious what that "94VG" means on the NA Model area. The Retail center ID/Loc has a code of 28144 - 01 Anybody know what dealer that was? I believe it was in Florida but would like to confirm that and know which dealer it was originally sold from.

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    Look up the vin here. It should tell you what model it was originally manufacterd as.

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    Try this VIN decoder:
    Gives exact model and date of production.

    For what it's worth, "0571" is a K59 K75/2, aka a K75 Standard.

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