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Thread: Brake Line Recall

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    Brake Line Recall

    Has anyone received a notice for the 2007 RT recall for front brake line routing? I found it on the NHTSA website (Campaign ID 09V256000).

    I haven't received anything from BMW NA.

    Does anyone know if this applies to all 2007 R1200RT's or just a certain production run? It does say it applies to 1535 bikes.

    Is the recall in effect in Canada as well?

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    I think this is a case where contacting BMW Motorad with your VIN# would be productive. They can pull up the data on (1) if your bike is covered under the recall (2) if the recall has been done or not on your bike.

    Asking here is simply asking for guesses..
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    That's true, last time this came up it was police rt's only.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cookie View Post
    That's true, last time this came up it was police rt's only.
    A bit more research shows that it is only for R1200RT (Authority) motorcycles, so it appears to be the police models only. Here is a copy of the notice letter.

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