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Thread: BMWMOA ON Magazine mileage contest

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdiver View Post
    Ok I'm being really blond right now, that time frame is not a year (this is a yearly mileage contest right?) so what gives? I ride in all sorts of crappy weather all year so why can't we use the start and stop of the year, shoot I'm leaving out a bunch of miles and I'm sure others are too!

    Also, the winner of last year must have ridden about 85-9500 miles a month for 6 months to get about ~50K+ miles. Even if that mileage was for 12 months, it's just crazy riding
    The mileage contest is indeed yearly. The contest is run from year to year. The idea of having a contest run twelve months was discussed at great length years ago on this forum.

    The current format allows for a greater participation as some of us are limited by having four very distinct seasons.

    Have fun!
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    Hey all,

    The 2010 starting form is now posted:

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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    ...The year that Voni rode 73,660 miles in the 6 month contest she rode very very few Interstate miles. But she did visit 38 states, the 4 Corners, and half a dozen Canadian provinces and territories.
    I still like the picture that appeared in the ON of the stack of tires necessary for the 73k+ miles.

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    AND If you really want a year long "contest" join our forum one here:

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