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Thread: Midwest Riders going to the Rally?

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    I'm leaving from Nevis, MN (northern MN) on Tuesday, July 13. I plan to ride I-94 across ND and much of MT (boring, I know, but relatively quick). My initial plan is to ride Lolo Pass down through ID, then into OR at Ontario, then follow US26 into Redmond. I am tinkering with the idea of doing the Redmond 1000 from Miles City, MT since I'll be going through there anyway. That would land me in Redmond on Wednesday night (I've booked a room for that night already in advance). I'll stay with Sherpa Ted at the rally. I plan to take the same (or similar) route back home, but at a more leisurely pace to take in the sights, especially if I do the Redmond 1000 on the way there. Either way, it'll be fun! I just pray that the evil ND cross winds are mellow. I've encountered some pretty ugly wind a few times in ND. Oh, well... Like my 7-year-old boy says: You take what you get, and don't throw a fit!

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    Squach Hello

    The route via hwy2 is long and flat especially until Glacier NP, but Galcier NP, Flathead lake ... are fantastic!! Just takes days in ND, Minn are boring.

    Past post states Hwy 20 route that I took last Redmond rally and very fun. Sand Hills of Nebraska, Wyoming Jackson hole and Idaho. I would sugest hwy 20 but my 2 cents Funner Faster!


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    Maple City, Mi to Redmond

    I plan on taking the back roads through the UP to Miles City, Mt. over several days, resting a bit, then doing the Redmond 1000 from Miles City to Redmond. I still have a few details to work out, though.

    I have about a week of family stuff to do in the Seattle area after the rally, then will take another week for a back road return.

    I followed US2 on the way to the Gillette, Wy rally a couple of years back, and agree that the part across Minnesota is flat and straight. I would add that it is also windy, but riding a motorcycle is never exactly boring to me. I think I'll try another route this time, though.

    I can't remember when I've been able to do so much motorcycling in N. Michigan in March. Squatch in Traverse City, if you want to get together for a tune up ride or to compare notes, let me know.

    John Peck
    Maple City, Mi
    John Peck
    Maple City, Michigan

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