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Thread: Frank and Claudia ride X-Country

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    Frank and Claudia ride X-Country

    A few folks have inquired, so we're adding the link (below) to the blog site we created when we did a x-country ride on our 2003 RT last summer. It was an incredible experience and we've been told by followers that it's a good story. There's plenty of pictures as well.

    FYI: you'll see that the blog starts with the last day, but since a story makes much more sense when read from the beginning, interested readers can navigate to the start by using the archive at the right side of the initial page. We hope you enjoy our story and we hope that anyone else contemplating such a journey will benefit from some of what we've written.

    If your interested, we've introduced ourselves to the MOA via a thread on page 36 of "Tell Us About Yourself And Your Bike". It's under my user name, FrankDee.

    Anyone wishing to comment or ask questions about our trip is also welcome to send an e-mail to me at I tend to check my e-mail much more frequently than I do the MOA site.

    Frank & Claudia
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