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Thread: One of the oddest road incidents I've experienced happened to me yesterday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m0rbid45 View Post
    Sure we do Bob... Everybody has them. Remember this is Texas.

    All the more reason Grant's course of action was wise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesdunn View Post
    I agree. I want these types of motorists in front of me, whether I am riding a bike or driving a car.
    Nope, I want to distance myself as far ahead of these idiots as possible. I've had them get in front of me and slam on the brakes and swerve to block me from passing them. God made that throttle and a quick response for a reason and I use it, coupled with superior manuverability. I'll do whatever it takes to get way ahead and put traffic between me and them.

    I try to remind myself that I would lose in a confrontation, so I don't play games. If I can get gone, I get gone.
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    Me, I would of given him the one finger saute and see if he wants to play. Maybe not the wisest move, but that is what I would have done.
    The thing about traveling is, you never want it to end and you can't wait to get home.
    I answer to Roy, Chief, or Sarg.
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    Quote Originally Posted by r11rs94 View Post
    Me, I would of given him the one finger saute and see if he wants to play. Maybe not the wisest move, but that is what I would have done.
    Mary said that she would cut off my middle finger if I ever did that again. Both are now gone...... I'm a slow learner. - Bob
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    direct violation of andys law #1.the only way to deal with crazy people is to not deal with crazy people.let him go.

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    Unhappy Hypothetical Old Wispy-haired Man

    (Talking on his cell phone) "Damn, Harry, I gotta get to that meeting or risk losing the $100 million deal and there's this loony toon on a scooter in front of me riding on the white line. He keeps pulling in front of me like I'm not there and giving me 'the look'. I gotta push this dimwit bunch of slow pokes outta the fast lane to get to the office and this nimrod just seems to want a ride on my bumper. Don't people know there's work to be done? They think this is a parking lot - well I hafta show 'em how to drive...

    Or something like that....

    I was on my Norton in downtown Dallas traffic at a red light and little old lady in a Caddy pulled up slowly behind me and actually hit the bike. I was just about ready to get off and punch out a light or something, but the light turned and discretion, as they say, became the better part of valor.
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    When I ride (or drive), I remind myself, that anyone around me might be "off" their medication... and try to just get out of their way!

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