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Thread: K1200RS Spiegler handlebar riser kit ?

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    K1200RS Spiegler handlebar riser kit ?

    I have a 2002 K1200RS and the only thing I do not like about the bike is the seating to bar position. Have any of you guys put this Spiegler kit on your
    K1200RS ?????
    If so please give me a little feedback about what or if you liked it or did not. Thanks

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    Not familiar with your Spiegler kit - I only know their steel braided brake lines are supposed to be top shelf. Are you asking about the kit that replaces the triple clamp and the entire handlebar? That seems to be a major effort for what you are trying to achieve.

    There are a number of bolt-on solutions that go between the risers and the clip-ons. Much easier to install

    I have the American Machine barbacks on my 04 K12RS and I am happy. These do not require a longer brake line from the master cylinder. Just bolt them on and go.
    You can also install the comfort risers from the 04 K1200GT model.
    Other risers that make the bar go even higher may require a longer line on the from brake. Usually the manufactureres will tell you if you need that.
    Good Luck.
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