It's funny, my one and only experience with MC Superstore was one of my worst Internet buying experiences ever. Got the wrong item, their mistake, and when I called to get a replacement set up, I was met with absolute disinterest. It was clear that, on two separate calls, with two separate individuals, they coundn't care less whether I ever got my order straightened out or not. I was invited to return the the item that they had mistakenly sent me, clear from looking at the original order and the shipping invoice that they had simply sent the wrong item, at my own expense. After they got it back, they would decide what to do next, possibly then refunding my shipping and sending out the right item. Not even an offer to send the right item immediately at my expense and credit me later. Nope, I had to wait for them to get the first item back.

Forget that! Living in a small community with few local resources, I do a lot of Internet buying. Occasionally mistakes happen. It's just part of doing business long distance. I have no problem with that. But with all of the sources out there, competition demands that customer service be top notch. It was the lax attitude that convinced me to never ever do businessheston these guys again. Sounds like I'm the only one that ever had that experience, but I think I will still just take my business elsewhere.