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Thread: Rally Seminar

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    Rally Seminar

    This year at the International Rally I will be giving a seminar on "Getting into Vintage Road Racing". I will be showing some video from my bike during a race. Riding on the track has helped me become a much better street rider. Track riding can be safer than riding on streets and highways most of the time. I hope you check out the seminar during the rally. By the way "guys" can come to the seminar too!


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    OUTSTANDING! I will be sure to catch your seminar when I get to Redmond. Keep us posted.
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    Heck yes. I want to see vintage road racing, I don't care what your gender.

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    I agree about track days making you a better rider. I went to the Kevin Schwantz 2 day course last year and cannot tell you how much I learned and how much I was able to apply to the street. Also since I have a liter sport bike, track days enable me to ride to my limits in a safe controlled environment. If any gets a chance to get in a track day, definately take advantage of it.

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