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Thread: Notice of theft, NW

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    Question Did you see it on ebay?

    Saw some scuttle on PNWRiders, Was that your jacket? Was it returned?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5thgen View Post
    Saw some scuttle on PNWRiders, Was that your jacket? Was it returned?
    I am expecting notice today that the authorities have recovered the jacket. A Seargent with Wasco Co. has all info and said he would go to the shop today to seize the stolen goods. I will post here once that is confirmed. Then again when it is in my hands once again.

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    Hope it is yours and you do get it back in good shape. Sweet Justice!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bogthebasher View Post
    Hope it is yours and you do get it back in good shape. Sweet Justice!
    It is possatively confirmed as mine. My name is typed in the pocket linging. I am however getting a runaround by the police. Will post recovery when that occurs. One of the sleeves now has an exhaust burn. I will have to see how bad it is and perhaps what Langlitz can do about it.

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    Congrats on the recovery - to be honest I didn't think you would ever get it back
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    Stay on that matter with the police, Tim. My wife once had a stolen bike recovered by the Santa Barbara police only to be told that she couldn't have it back until after the trial as it was considered evidence.

    By the time she got the OK to take it back several months later, it had been left in some outdoor portion of their impound lot and was rusted to a point that repair would have been nearly as expensive as getting a new bike.

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    Just an update. Spoke FTF with the Hillsboro officer on Sat morning, Justin. He said he was in touch with Wasco Co. dispatch and a Sergent there would go to the shop last Sat to get the jacket. Later that afternoon Justin called and said he had talked with the perp and suggested I pay her ransom. WTF, I emailed him back and said no way, arrest her and take possession. Also contacted The Dalles police and gave them all the info. Several emails since. No responce from either the Hillsboro or The Dalles police. They are just sitting on their hands and not communicating. Who knows if I will ever see the jacket again. The perp has now had a week and a half to sell it and counting.

    Reward for anyone near The Dalles who will go and get it for me.

    Update: The jacket is now in possession of police. Yes, my name is confirmed on the inside pocket lining. It is absolutely confirmed as mine. I was told 30 days, then it will be returned. No further details from police. Don't know if the possessor was arrested. Don't know if they got from her any info as to who she got it from.
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    My apologies for not finalizing this thread.

    The jacket was returned to me. There were no repercusions for the lady who knew it was stolen and refused to return it. I cruised by the shop address after that and guess what, closed.

    Current cost of replacement is north of $1500 now. Mine is in fine condition still after 35 years and some 100k miles. About $40 per year and still going strong. Beats the hell out of pizz cured leather from Pakistan.

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    Congratulations, and now you have a great story to tell about your jacket, at MOA rallies.

    And after reading your post #5, I'll have to be more careful where I leave my jacket when I'm trying on stuff, particularly since that's where I carry my wallet.

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