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Thread: It just used to be easier than this

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    Easier than this

    Hmm, let's see. Back in spring 1975, after I talked my dad into letting me buy my first bike, a Suzuki 125 enduro, brand, smacking new off the showroom floor, I used it to teach myself how to ride. Over the next 2 years, that bike was my primary mode of transportation. I also owned a small Yamaha for a short time after I sold the Suzuki.
    This was when I lived up North, in Maryland and used the bikes for year-round transportation.

    Fast forward about 30 years to 2007. I bought my first bike in that long a time, a 1993 HD 883 Sportster, low-rider as my "relearning" bike. Since then I've bought an ancient Kawasaki, a 2000 R1100RT, a 1994 Honda CBR1000F and very recently my 2002 R1150RS. When I drove my RS back from Jacksonville, I put on my armored jacket, boots, gloves and headphones plugged into my Android phone. It took about 5 minutes to get ready. Yep, it's just not that easy any more, but the thrill is just the same 30 years later. Enjoy the ride.

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    I would rather spend the 5 minutes getting into my gear than the next month getting skin grafts, IF I was lucky,. Besides, Murphy s law of preparedness applies, the event you are best prepared for will not occur, preference for the unprepared event is a universal characteristic of Muphy's laws.


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