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Thread: Childrens Riding suits

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    Childrens Riding suits

    I am looking for suggestions for what my 11 year old daughter can on the bike. I have looked through the BMW catalogue, and they have one suit that is quite expensive. My daughter would not be riding that much but I would still like something safe. On the internet the only place I can find that sells kids suits is in the UK. The shipping charges are too much for that option.
    Any suggestions?

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    Paul, many (make that most) of the women's gear is cut small. I've found that many manufacturers seem to think we are all of the barbie-doll variety. You may want to try the small women's size for her, maybe First Gear or Joe Rocket? In addition, try Cycle Gear. It is a national retail chain but they also do an on-line business. The stores carry alot of motocross gear for kids but they can also special order most anything you need. They are big with the Frank Thomas brand which I have no first hand knowledge of. I've looked at it in the store and it seems to be very reasonably priced.

    Good luck!

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    Ya know, I don't think I've ever seen kids riding suits ever...I suppose that's because there isn't much of a market for them...After all, how many folks will spend probably hundreds of dollars on a riding suit that they won't be able to use in a few months?

    I agree that the most likely way will be to find a women's riding suit, or maybe you can find a kid's ski suit that will work...the thing I don't like about that option is that in case of a crash, ski suits aren't armored...and the textiles would have a tendency to melt into flesh, and THAT is NOT a good thang!!!

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    Good for you.. looking to take care of her..

    Find a "dirt bike" shop.. they usually have protective gear for our newest riders...

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    One option -- look for used Stokes suits. They often come up for sale in the advrider forum. For that matter, my son just grew out of the medium-size jacket. If you like, PM me and we can compare our kids' heights and arm lengths etc and see if we can strike a deal.

    Second option -- BMW Motorcycles of Atlanta had some Stokes suits on clearance, I noticed yesterday. You might call them up and see what their pricing is. The suits really ate quite nice, and both the arms and legs have zippered expanders, so that the jacket and pants can grow with your child for an extra year or two.

    Third option -- dirtbike elbow and knee pads and possibly chest protector under a normal kids' leather jacket, jeans, boots and gloves. Not optimal, but better than most kids on the backs of bikes are wearing.

    For a girl this young, I'd advise against going the adult gear route, unless she's already getting her height and you can find womens' gear in XS that really fits. If the gear is too big, the armor won't stay in place to protect her.

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    I went the ADV used route with the Stokes, daughter outgrew it and passed it on.

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    Thanks for the replys, I found the stoke suit on sale on line at BMW in San Diago. It was $98 for the jacket and the same for the pants. Here in Canada the dealer wanted $288 for the pants and 188 for the pants.

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    Steer clear of MotoX riding gear. It is not designed for street use. There is a company in the UK called BabyBiker (

    I ordered a textile jacket and pants with padding and such from them last year and they could NOT have been more helpful in getting me what I wanted for my 10 year old. And the shipping was more than reasonable considering it was coming from the UK, both in terms of cost and time. I would have to think that shipping into Canada wouldn't be that bad.

    Good luck.
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    F/S BMW Stoke Suit - Jacket & Pants Size L

    I'm sell my son's Stoke Suit - Jacket & Pants both Large - used for 2 years on the bike & snowboarding in the winter asking $220. shipped in the USA 48.
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