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Thread: BMWNA mileage awards based on bike, not rider???

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    BMWNA mileage awards based on bike, not rider???

    I just talked to a very sweet lady at the
    BMW motorrad 800 number about my 400k mileage award. She told me, and then checked and rechecked:

    The mileage award is based on the number of miles on a specific bike.
    NOT on multiple bikes by an individual rider.

    She was not sure how long that this policy had been in effect and assured me that I did not have to send back my 200k and 300k awards on multiple bikes [very considerate of BMW].

    Has any one else tried to get a mileage award from BMW north America, [now BMW motorrad] ???

    When was the last date any one has gotten an award for multiple bikes???
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    Whomever you talked to is wrong. The BMW Motorrad mileage awards are the mileage the rider has accumulated on BMW motorcycles. I received my 300k award a month ago, based on the mileage I have accumulated on 7 airheads and 6 K-bikes. You need to apply for your award(s) through your local dealer. I got my most recent award through the good offices of Robert Krull at Lonestar BMW/Triumph in Austin, TX.
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    I have recently seen photos of Dave Swisher's 1.5 million mile award from BMW Motorrad USA, as well as the roster of 19 motorcycles on which he earned it. We have Voni's 900,000 mile award from BMW along with the listing of the 14 bikes on which she earned that one. And for my 600,000 mile award I provided a listing of 13 bikes on which it was earned. The form available for the dealer to fill out to submit contains lines for several bikes. So, I suspect that the information you were given is wrong.

    Or they changed the rules. And that makes no sense. Why would they encourage you to just keep riding the same old bike instead of encouraging you to ride as many as you want, including a new one or two.
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    Snicker.. It does seem to somewhat puzzling to have that completed on just one bike.. It would mean a boon to repair parts however.. and the duct tape and bailing wire industry

    And new sales - oh my- how un-capitalistic..

    I miss riding.. Its time to get out...
    thanks for reminding me. not to qualify as there is no way I can ever even make the NOn mentionable honorable mention group.. did that make sense? LOL

    (just a humorous note.)
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