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Thread: Louisiana Tech Day

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    Louisiana Tech Day

    April 10, 2010.
    Spend the day or the weekend.
    116 Dupre Lane, Port Barre', La.
    Come pass a good time in La. That's cajun for "come have fun".
    Over nighters welcome. Bring a sleeping bag or linens. Plenty of couches and bunks.
    For more info contact me at 985 727 0119 or Bud at 337 585 2254.
    Louisiana Airmarshal

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    Talking Yesss!!!!

    Dear NOT miss this event if at all possible....I gotta work this year...but Bud's hospitality is awesome....and the camaraderie super
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    Man, dat sounds like some good fun dere..

    My wife's cou-san is done plan to brought some crawfish to his house in North Texas...and I'm da Boil Master...

    But, if dis falls tru, it sounds like a good time to pass witchu guyz..

    My Momma-in-law and dem live up da rode... around da crick in da rode.. you know where "Morrow" be? Well, I snatched my wife from her crib about 2 miles South of that on 71. She is sellin her house dere in Morrow an so, we mite be makin da trip ova... to help move..

    ennyhow.. y'all pass a good time... and enjoy bugsmashin..

    Peace, crawfish and all dat good stuff...

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