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Thread: Sticker placement

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotorradMike View Post
    Has anyone else thought of this?
    Am I a genius?
    Or a dork?
    Dork. Sorry, but you only gave two choices.

    I vote no sticker.

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    Aspiring Profligate Jeff488's Avatar
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    If the silliest thing done after going through months of a Canadian Winter is putting the MOA sticker on your rear wheel, you have a much more stable mind than I.
    I salute your sanity, sir.
    '08 BMW R1200RT
    '08 Suzuki DL650 "Screaming Yellow Zonker"
    Looking for Ed Sanders' Truck Stop.

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    It is what it is. Bud's Avatar
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    Your bike is now "one of a kind" and certainly worth more as a collectible than a daily rider.

    BTW, Don't you dust your wheels? Most anal retentive BMW owners wouldn't even think of posting a picture where you can see a hand print in the wheel dust.

    (Removing tongue from cheek now)

    Won't winter ever end???
    Ride Well

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    I wouldn't necessarily categorize myself as an "anal retentive BMW owner"...

    Hmmm, would using a dental tool and toothbrush on your radiator fins count?...not after every ride, of course. Just once every week or two...naah, never mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotorradMike View Post
    Has anyone else thought of this?
    Am I a genius?
    Or a dork?


    P.S. As an accountant, of course I am anal retentive.
    Tom "Bullit" Buttars
    1978 R100RS, 2006 F650GS, 2007 F800S

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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    ....the only place I could find curves was to go up to I-80 and ride around the cloverleaf interchanges.
    over, and over and over again.
    Ride Safe, Ride Lots

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeb921 View Post
    Tough room. It was just a silly little joke (hence the smiley face). My new Florida tires look like that until I can find a curve or two to scrub them in. We sure are getting to be sensitive bunch. I apologise to the OP if he took it to heart.

    Ride Safe
    Maybe I should have put a smiley face on my post?! Okay here's one....

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    Thumbs up

    I think the sticker is just fine! I make them myself as I make signs and I made the regular roundel (blue, black, white) using reflective and put it in the same place on my 99RT so yeah your a genius!

    I rarely clean my bike as it rains much of the time and I bought it to ride not be a garage queen.
    Brian - Everett, WA
    99 R1100RT - Got Kewl-Aid? IBA - SS1K's, BBG
    I started out with nothing and I still have most of it left!

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    What's a chicken strip???

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    Quote Originally Posted by E_Page View Post
    What's a chicken strip???
    That strip of unused rubber on the edges of your tire.... unused because you were too chicken to lean that far.

    Not much of one on this tire:

    But a pretty thick one here:

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