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Thread: BMW Vows Sustainability

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    BMW Vows Sustainability

    Pretty revealing article.

    German car maker BMW has long had a reputation for producing sporty luxury cars. Now, CEO Norbert Reithofer wants to shift toward sustainability. He spoke with SPIEGEL about how he intends to combine greater fuel efficiency with high performance.
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    SUSTAINABILITY - means also having its head up predicting the market for its products. reacting to the market means your playing catch up all the time..

    I woud hope it would pertain to the MC aspect as well. If so, we can expect newer riders into the fold, which by the introduction of the new bike might persuade the younger set to look at and participate. Good for BMW and us.

    QUality- the more elaborate the product the more unforseable problems cropping up..
    Hope they get onto that one quickly.

    Sure hope they do what they say.. or promise

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