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Thread: battery life

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    battery life

    Im looking at replacing the battery on my 06 K12R. Bike has 38000 miles and I have owned bike since new. No starting issues yet but have noticed that the little battery icon stays on screen for a few more seconds that I was used to. I have not needed to use the battery charger to keep voltage up. battery voltage 24 hours after a long ride is now at 12.3 volts. So just a new battery or look further for something else?

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    Battry maybe due as it is 4 years old.

    However voltage does not tell the whole story - you need to have it load tested.

    If you don't want to replace with OEM you may want to look at Odyssey

    Here is the link Odyssey Batteries looks like maybe Model 680 may be the one you use folr your bike

    But double check everything
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    I've got to have the dealer check mine as well. Only a year old, but after only a three week layoff (in my climate-controlled garage), it wouldn't start. I predict an under warranty replacement in my future....

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