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Thread: ok so i'm not a new member

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    ok so i'm not a new member

    But, i'm new to the forum...

    Just looking to see what's going on...

    Been riding these funny things since I bought my first R75/7 in 1977 - funny, only kept that bike for about 2 weeks and traded it and a '75 Norton (big mistake) for a '77 R100RS. Love the old '77 R100RS's....

    Still have the '77 RS, but I was rearended on it several years ago and need to get it back on the road.

    Currently own a 68 R60/2 with a sidecar of questionable heritage (Greek imitation of a Steib 500 only smaller), the wrecked '77 R100RS which I won't part with (so don't ask) and want to restore, and a 2001 R1100SLA (carbon fiber model).

    Have a 2010 R1200GSAdventure on order, and sorely miss my '94 K1100RS...

    So, I'm not a newbie to BMVa's, but a newbie to your list.

    (aka 14348)

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    Welcome, Better late than never. Lots of good information here as well interesting reading on just about everything, and even a little nothing.
    The thing about traveling is, you never want it to end and you can't wait to get home.
    I answer to Roy, Chief, or Sarg.
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    Welcome dirt dog! Those '77 Rs's are becoming quite collectible. Love 'em. I have a '78 RS. Hope you get it fixed up good as new and back on the roadway as I am sure you will.

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    Wish I had as much experience and bikes as you DirtyDawg. Welcome to the forum.
    Retired and riding my RTs, the '87 K100 & the '98 R1100 !
    Niagara Riders & Knights of the Roundel #333

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