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Thread: Time To Ride, 2/20 and loving it.

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    Time To Ride, 2/20 and loving it.

    Anyone else out there riding today?

    I was on the South Shore of Boston, Plymouth Carver area.. Another winter month, another ride on the Adventure. It was warm and beautiful, a little bit of summer. I saw a few bikes out today, even an HD if you can believe it.

    Time to ride!! Before the next snow anyway

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    Yep. Put almost 100 miles on the R60/2 today. Went to breakfast with the vintage crowd and dined al fresco at our usual coffee shop. Fortunately, it wasn't too cold, my Gerbings doesn't work so well on a 6V bike!
    --Darryl Richman, forum liaison

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    Managed to get about 80 miles in today. Wonderful. First time in over a month I've been on the bike (that is WAY too much time off!) Temps ranged from 38F-44F, and the Polar Bear (NJ AMA event - every Sunday from October to April - a ride to a destination sort of thing) was well attended. Still snow on the side of the road and lawns, but the roads were generally clear, without too much salty runoff, so it made for a great day.

    My mental health is restored!
    Don Eilenberger
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