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Thread: Southland Clutch exp?

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    Question Southland Clutch exp?

    Anybody have any experience w Southland Clutch in National City, CA that ad
    vertises in Airmail?
    Looks like a new clutch, with tax is gonna cost close to $600 plus some fasteners and labor. Southland's ad says "normally around $200," about a week turn around and guaranteed.

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    I searched "Southland" in our Airheads forum...there were a few positive responses. More responses showed up in the other Airheads list, generally OK. Anton Largiader (he'll probably jump in at some point) has had good luck on the pre-'81 clutches, ribbed covers only. Another post over there by Matt Parkhouse said there were a few happy people and one person who ended up with real elaboration on that.
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    I paid $460 for new parts, but it'll give me spare sets to send to Southland.

    I think the one problem mentioned had to do with adjusting everything. All I've heard is good stuff.

    Nice to know someone does this as these bikes get older.

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    I will be sending them one soon. I spoke with them and they seem very knowledgeable about airheads and clutches. I realize a favorable conversation is not the same as an actual clutch experience, but it is what I have so far.

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    Recently finished rear mail seal and clutch replacement. Oil soaked clutch sent to Southland. Turn around about one week. Everything works perfectly. I highly recommend!!!! NFI

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    did the southland treatment around two years back, all has been great, the adjustments do not change, locks up better than it ever did,

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    Quote Originally Posted by sumran View Post
    I will be sending them one soon.
    So, how'd it go?

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    I sent my clutch to Southland, the friction plate and the two steel plates. They machined the two steel plates flat and resurfaced the friction plate. I have not put it back together yet. I just got my new clutch spring in Friday's mail. It is snowing here so I'm not in any hurry to get it back together. The plates look real good. It cost about $12 to ship to Southland and then I think $220 for the labor/repair and return shipping. About two weeks from the time I shipped it out until the time it returned. Seems like the way to go to me.
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    Matt Parkhouse gives them a nod in the February 2009 Owners News check it out.

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