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Thread: Daytona via I 75 S of CHTNGA Layover

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    Daytona via I 75 S of CHTNGA Layover

    I see ya out there on 75 N and S lots this time of year and more. If you need some help, a place to rest/camp, do some maintenance, etc then you are more than welcome to use the ANON and give me a call.

    Am the only listing in SUGAR VALLEY, Georgia................

    Am 6 miles west on HWY 136 off of exit 320 on I 75. About an hour north of Atlanta or 35 minutes south of Chattanooga.

    Electric gate, 1/2 mile private road, top of mountain clearing for camping, covered storage, enough tools for maintenance, and running water. LOTS of local roads that are perfect for any direction you are going that are so much better than I 75..........

    RIDERS are totally welcomed........See ya then and God bless as you travel...........Dennis

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    Thanks, that is vry nice of you

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