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Thread: Touring Underwear

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashley12 View Post
    useing bmw underwear and it works very well
    uh?..... you been using our stuff? ..... sorry, wrong forum. - Bob and Mary Weber
    Bob Weber
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    i use bmw underwear it is terrific


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    Quote Originally Posted by RoboRider View Post
    Hmmmmm....Well, maybe hang them over your nose and snore on them?
    I can wash and dry my LDComfort Riding Shorts in 5 minutes. After you rinse out the suds and debris, wring the garment. (It's tough, don't worry) When the garment is wringing wet the inside will be dry. That's one reason we use a dual layer fabric. Then lay the garment flat on a towel. Roll up and wring the towel. Do that two times and the garment is ready for wear. It might feel a bit cool when you put it on but the inside is dry. See this video to know the difference between LDComfort fabric and other "wicking" fabrics. Realize...cotton is a wicking fabric. You must keep the moisture off the skin. Powders do not do that. See here:
    Now you know the difference.
    Comfort counts for every mile, not just the first 1000 miles in a day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mariowink View Post
    Comfort counts for every mile, not just the first 1000 miles in a day.
    Welcome Mario. I hear that the secrete to long distance ridding is in your pants?

    Do you have any of the long tights with traction grip in 2X and orange head gear?

    What form of payment do you accept?

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    I like to keep it family friendly and don't want to give out TMI here, but a bit of manscaping might help too.
    I do shorten (not shave!!) my leghair beause the armour starts ripping at it when I get sweaty......

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    LD Comfort.

    Yeah the material is wonderful and they do all the stuff under armor and all the other synthetics do but IMO LD Comfort does it better.

    The other thing that none of the LD comfort supporters have mentioned is the fact that they are designed specifically to be most comfortable sitting on the bike.

    This means that unlike Under Armor or others there are no seams on any of your contact points.

    For a three hour a day you may not notice the difference especially if you wear blue jeans under a roadcrafter and you're looking at synthetic drawers cuz you're sweating so bad.

    I generally prefer the tights, they work great down to 40 degrees and up to 70 or so. When I use the shorts I wear socks that are almost to the knee so the actual exposed skin is pretty much my knees and a few inches of lower thigh. When I wear the tights I use shorty smart wool socks.

    One thing to remember is that if you ever do go down the best thing that could happen is you just slide a bit and get up with no injury. While a good set of gear will save your hyde, without an appropriate base layer you may still end up with burns from the friction generated heat.

    For the IBR I'll pack two pair of shorts and two pairs of tights, four pairs of socks (two hi, two short) a fleece vest and a Gerbing pants and jacket.

    Before the ride I'll drop either a pair of shorts or tights and a pair of socks as space is a premium and I really want to shave every lb possible. I'll do the roll in the towel trick and like Bob mentioned hang them near the HVAC outlet. When camping I carry a H2W mesh laundry bag and carry the dirty bits there or use it to air dry them after a wash. Granted when off the clock ever few days I'll stay at a KOA or such with laundry.

    The best stuff is usually a little more expensive. I'd say LD Comfort gear is absolutely positively worth the expense. They also make the coolest helmet liner ever.

    Just because it wicks doesn't mean it's the best for the desired task.

    As always YMMV

    Rob Nye
    Bristol, Rhode Island USA
    Proud to move oil

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    Smile touring underwear

    nothing in my opinion beats BMW underwear

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    Lee Parks Bamboo

    I just purchased the Lee Parks shorts and T shirt and I rode in 85 degrees and was dry as a bone...

    Also I never leave home without some Anti-Monkey Butt Powder! That stuff is better than any baby powder for your butt.

    After driving a truck for 26yrs I finally found something that prevented diaper rash on hot humid days! The stuff is great in your socks too...

    Patti B

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    '08 F800ST

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    From info in some of the earlier posts in this thread I decided to try out the LD Comfort shorts and the Wickers Biker Shorts. I also got each for my wife. Wickers doesn't make women's biker shorts so I got men's shorts in an appropriate size.

    My wife didn't care for the Wickers shorts. She did like the LD Comfort shorts.

    I really liked the Wickers shorts. The LD Comfort shorts are also good, but for the price the Wickers biker shorts are the clear winner. Once in a while Wickers will have a discount (around 20% as I recall) and the price becomes even more favorable.

    Both my wife and I ended up buying multiple of the Wickers soft-silk t-shirts. They are really comfortable!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlobalRider View Post
    I did, finally. I've worn it for 4 days in a row between washings and it still felt great...


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    Thumbs up

    LD briefs are very comfortable. Under Armor makes quality briefs and shirts that pack well and really wick moisture away from the skin. Ride Safe

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    I love LD Comfort but I have one gripe with it.

    On very hot humid days I would like to feel some air cooling my skin. Even standing on the pegs I still felt the discomfort of having something stuck all over me rather than a cool breeze coming through my mesh suit.

    But then I suppose that the only cure for that would be to wear nothing under the mesh suit.
    2012 R1200GS

    "If you can't fix it with a hammer, it's electrical." -somebody's dad

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    LD Comfort, Sokz, and Under Armour T-shirts work for me. All can be washed in a sink, squeeze dried rolled up in a towel (step on the towel), and air dry by morning. Two of each were all I needed for a month long tirp. Actually one set would suffice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozonewanderer View Post
    LD Comfort, Sokz, and Under Armour T-shirts work for me. All can be washed in a sink, squeeze dried rolled up in a towel (step on the towel), and air dry by morning. Two of each were all I needed for a month long tirp. Actually one set would suffice.
    substitute defeet socks and I couldn't agree more
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaherbst View Post
    Gold bond lotion first then gold bond powder over the lotion. This has always worked better than any under garmet I have tried. After 58 years of riding and more than 700,000 miles how could I possibly be wrong?

    Well....Have you ever tried the LDComfort Riding Shorts? That might make all the difference in the world. Realize the fabric in LDComfort is not the same as other "wicking" garments. Even when the dual layer fabric is wet the inside will stay dry. MUCH dryer than any powder can keep you. If you are wearing a single layer polypro or such garment you MAY be better off with some added powder. If you are going to ride thousands of miles a week you might run into the limits of what creams and powders can do.
    Comfort counts for every mile.

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