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Thread: Touring Underwear

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    Touring Underwear

    I've seen ads for undershirts, socks and skivs purporting to wick away perspiration and resist odors better than cotton, which should make them good for motorcycle touring. Has anyone tried these? Do they live up to the hype?

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    Probably belongs in the "gear" section.
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    I bought some shorts from LD Comfort at the rally in TN and found them very comfortable for a long day on the bike.

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    +1 for LD Comfort shorts

    and for DeFeet socks and Under Armour t shirts
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    As above, I've heard good things about the LD comfort.

    I almost always wear a compression shirt under anything year 'round when riding. I have the super thin type which are great for wicking moisture and they make a real difference on hot days. I have the waffle type for colder weather which blocks the wind and makes a great base layer. I also wear compression shorts under my gear occasionally too, and it definitely helps to prevent hot spots and monkey butt during long days in the saddle. It all can be washed out in a sink and is ready to go the next morning.

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    I am a big fan of the gel-padded bicycle shorts from REI, they do a great job wicking moisture away and just being very comfortable. My best luck touring with them has been to bring two or three pairs along and wash them (in the sink, they dry out fast) each night.
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    Another fan of bicycle riding shorts and Gold Bond powder. You have a selection of padding as well as gel, which I find hot, just me. Also some with antimicrobial fabric or chamois (I have never tried it) There are some stores such as Academy Sports and Outdoors that sell them very inexpensively ($25.00 to $30.00) for those of us that are frugal


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    I have several pair of the ex-officio boxers that Whitehorse Press (and others) sell. They are by far and away better than anything else I've worn. In fact, it is now my standard practice to buy a pair on each visit. When we went to Disney last August, I wore them exclusively, rinsing them out each evening and hanging them to dry while using a previously dried pair the next morning.
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    I bought a couple pair of TechSox from Lee Parks at the RA National last year.

    My feet sweat something fearsome, but these socks really keep them dry. I'm going to buy more of them!
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    Anybody use the bamboo from Lee Parks?

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    Cotton is definitely not good. I ride bicycles, too, and if you want more butt pad the bicycling shorts are good.

    If you don't need more pad, look at Champion Duo Dry microfiber shirts and shorts from Target. They work as well as the expensive Patagonia brand sold at REI and the ilk. I use these for riding, backpacking, etc. Anything where you sweat and especially on long trips.

    You can wash them in the sink as stated, then, as someone from the MOA suggested in "touring tips", you can roll them up in a towel and step on them to dry. Next AM, they are good to go. I pack 2 shirts and 3 shorts on my trips and always have a clean, dry set in the morning.
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    + 3 or 4 for LDComfort shorts. SWMBO knows that when she can't think of any other event (birthday, anniversary, etc.) gift - a pair of LDComfort shorts is always appreciated. Combined with some butt-powder they make the difference of a 3 hour day vs a 6-7 hour day being tolerable.
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    Smart Wool brand socks. Ohhhh, they feel so good! I wear one of their thinner pairs for summer.

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    LD Comfort...I never leave home without them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dancogan View Post
    I bought some shorts from LD Comfort at the rally in TN and found them very comfortable for a long day on the bike.
    Especially the "roo" pocket.
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