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Thread: Touring Underwear

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    Wear Underwear???
    The thing about traveling is, you never want it to end and you can't wait to get home.
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    More comments on this subject, including thoughts on the LD Comfort Dry-Line shorts, can be found on the Horizons Unlimited website -

    Here is a link to the LD Comfort website -

    At the Johnson City Rally last summer I looked at the LD Comfort dry-line shorts. As I recall the price was in the $40 - $50 range. The shorts looked quite similar to some compression shorts that I purchased at Walmart for $10. I've ridden all day using the compression shorts beneath mesh pants and been comfortable in the hot humid summer.

    More on the compression shorts, available at Walmart, here -

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    LD Comfort

    Powder with LD Comfort is not recommended by them. The powder will fill up the pores of the fabric and they cannot breathe as well.
    Also any microfiber don not use any kind of fabric softener. They can also mess up the breathability.

    Here's a quote from their website:
    Can I use powders with LDComfort?
    If you use powder with LDComfort undergarments you will clog the fabric, stopping the wicking process. When moisture is mixed in with the powder it will turn into a paste further clogging the fabric and becoming an abrasive substance. Our garments already contain anti microbial properties that do not wash out of the fabric. Unless you have a medical condition there is no need to use powdered aids. People who use inferior garments may recommend the use of powder but the quality and design of LDComfort surpasses the ability of any powders. Our garments are designed to help protect the skin, from the beginning all the way to the end, all on their own. Allow LDComfort undergarments to do their job without interruption and you will better appreciate their value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dwhitlock View Post
    Has anyone tried these? Do they live up to the hype?
    I did, finally. I've worn it for 4 days in a row between washings and it still felt great with no odor; and that was in June-July.

    I bought a Performance Under Gear long sleeve shirt - loose fit with Coolmax Fresh FX material.

    No regrets and I will be buying another identical shirt along with the full length bottoms.

    Quality and finish is first rate and puts Under Armor to shame.

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    Go Synthetic

    Remember, you don't have to buy the most expensive items to get good performance.

    Whatever you do, stay away from cotton.

    Cotton does not wick moisture away from your skin, synthetics do.
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    Nothin' but the best Kirkland boxer shorts from Costco with Carhart t-shirts for me!

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    I have had good results using "Layer 8" brand wicking shirts that I get at TJ Maxx. They make all sorts of weights, colors, and styles and the prices are really good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JStrube View Post
    Anybody use the bamboo from Lee Parks?
    I wore the LD shorts and undershirt all last summer and think they are great. Unlike some other people's reports, I found they did not dry completely overnight. I just purchased a shirt and undershorts from Lee Park. They are very comfortable but, due to the fun winter we are having, I can't yet report on their effectiveness for hot weather riding. Based solely on feel I like them better than synthetic fabric.

    I am also interested in hearing from others who have used the Lee Parks garments for long distance riding.

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    Gold bond lotion first then gold bond powder over the lotion. This has always worked better than any under garmet I have tried. After 58 years of riding and more than 700,000 miles how could I possibly be wrong?


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    Sells polypropolene wicking shirts for around $12.00,
    Cotton based fabrics swells when wet and does not move air through.

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    Drying LD Comfort

    To dry them wash them and then roll them up in a dry towel. squeeze it a little as you roll. Unroll them and hang them up. It will be dry overnight.
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    LD shorts & SmartWool socks.
    Don't leave home without them!

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    Additionally, after the towel, place them on a chair back in the stream of the airflow from the HVAC unit. The airflow (whether AC or heat) will help dry things, including socks, fast!
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    Tilley, who make the travel clothing, have items that are great for motorcycle touring.

    The coolmax briefs wick moisture and will be dry by morning if you wash them in the sink at night.

    These socks work the same way:

    This stuff is great as you can take a long trip with only one change of underwear and socks, washing and switching it out each day. Saves a lot of space.

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    Two years ago I bought two pairs of the LD shorts and two similar type of shirts from Wal-mart. I wear these under a First Gear Meshtex outfit. I was very satisfied with the combo.

    I wore only one pair of the shorts washing them out in the sink at night & doing what I had to to get them into the airflow of the motel HVAC to dry. Typically they were not totally dry until i drove off & the airflow did the rest without any discomfort.

    I'd recommend one pair of the shorts and one pair of the ankle length tights over my choice of two pair of shorts.

    Ill bet that one of those H2W open mesh bags would be just the ticket for alternating days with these garments.

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