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Thread: Potentionmeter Protector

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    Potentionmeter Protector

    I have a 2011 R1200GS, I was just wondering if those covers I see on ebay provide good protection or if someone out there has fabricated one in there little work shop that is better. Thanks.

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    a simple fix to avoid a big regret

    I just installed the AltRider Poteniometer Guard - from RevZilla -

    While I haven't broken the potentiometer previously, I have picked the bike up and had it covered in gravel and mud after dropping my gs on a pile of rocks and mud. I decided that I was lucky and wanted to reduce the odds. I'm not talented at fixing things, but usually can find a way to make it home. Not sure I could do that if I took a rock to that part - so went with protection. I liked the reviews on the metal supports AltRider uses and found everything fit together perfectly and installed in five minutes.

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    I always like to have "perceived" fragile parts with a little extra protection. Like that urine sample on the handlebar of the F800GS, looked fraggilie.

    On an aside, That revzilla site drops a little "by clicking on this page, you allow our partner criteo, to custom tailor ads for you".....Or some such nonsense.
    It's dropping in "cookies, cache and local storage" under criteo dot com and criteo dot net. No thanks, enough random crap sneaks in as it is.

    Might be better just going to Altrider, Touratech or Wunderlitch directly.
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